PT. LAPI Ganeshatama Consulting (PT. LAPI GTC) established on March 13, 1992 as a business unit of LAPI ITB Foundation. Then starting in 2004, with the establishment of Badan Pengelola Usaha dan Dana Lestari (BPUDL) ITB, PT. LAPI GTC repositioned as one of the business unit ITB as a business consultant firm.

Our Vision

PT LAPI Ganeshatama Consulting as one of the leading consulting firms in Indonesia.

Our Mission

1. Develop a professional business with competent experts in their field

2. Develop the ability of firms to face global competition and increase the competence of experts in their own respective fields through the application of science, technology, art and management

3. Promote mutual beneficial partnership based on mutual trust (mutual trust based) to synergize the potential and advantages that the company has.

Our Goal

PT LAPI Ganeshatama Consulting aims to support the achievement of academic excellence at ITB through empowerment of the various potential ITB, especially in providing expertise.

PT. Lapi Ganeshatama Consulting continues to grow ever day thanks to the confidence our clients have in us. PT. LAPI GTC is engaged in consulting with planning, design, research, training and supervision in various business fields.

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